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 Clawthorns Quest/history. (Wip)

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Kitt (BlackBlaze)

Kitt (BlackBlaze)

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PostSubject: Clawthorns Quest/history. (Wip)   Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:18 pm

-----------–-----The Quest begins.-------------

Farpaw padded out into the clearing of the camp, waiting for leafpaw. Shortly after farpaw reached the clearing, leafpaw padded out of the apprentices den, her fur shining in the moon-light. "You look beautifull, leafpaw.. Did nobody ask you anything?" Far paw asked her, "no," she replied in a warm mew. "Let's go, then." Farpaw mewed. Leafpaw and farpaw stalked out of the camp silently and undetected in the light snow-fall.

Farpaw was the first to swim across the freezing river to bearclan, "are you sure about this, farpaw?" Leafpaw asked farpaw above the rushing water, Farpaw touched noses with leafpaw, she jerked back in surprise before accepting and falling forward. "Don't worry." Farpaw replied in a hushed tone before leaping a fox-length across the river near the river-bank. He pulled himself up onto the bank and readied himself for leafpaw to jump. "Come on!" He yowled above the rushing water. Leafpaw leaped, struggling to reach the Other side of the river. Farpaw hooked her scruff, pulling her onto the riverbank, "you Okay?" He asked, "..yeah," she replayed shakily and started padded towards bearclan with farpaw at her heels..

((I put the dark red out of order. I ment to put that cometstar  commands them to start a quest to go to bearclan and blah first D:
Oh yeah.. Check back later :3))
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Clawthorns Quest/history. (Wip)
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